Ingrid Yuile

  • Primary Specialty


  • Qualifications

    BAppSc (Exercise and Sport Science), GDMU

  • Clinical Interests

    Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound: General, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Vascular.

  • Location
  • Professional Experience and Profile

    Ingrid Yuile is an Australian Accredited Medical Sonographer and has moved all the way from her hometown, Sydney, to join our team in Aberdeen. With nearly 10 years of experience across all disciplines, Ingrid's skill as a general sonographer is a fantastic addition to our medical practice. 

    Ingrid's Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) from the University of Sydney ignited her passion for studying anatomy. This lead her to a Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound from Monash University so she could continue to learn and marvel at the phenomenal machine that is the human body. 

    Ingrid has worked in public and private hospitals as well as private radiology clinics all around Australia. She has travelled coast-to-coast working in major cities and tiny country towns. Ingrid has scanned nearly everything from head to toe and seen the full spectrum of the human experience - from a 5-week old embryo yet to have a heart beat, to the end stages of devastating disease processes and life. 

    Ingrid is also a passionate ultrasound educator and grabs exciting opportunities as they appear. Two highlights include when she ventured to Brunei to teach obstetricians and midwives obstetric ultrasound. Another was as the solo sonographer in a team of intrepid Australian doctors spending a week in rural Mongolia teaching point-of-care ultrasound to local emergency physicians and anaesthetists. 

    With a background in Exercise and Sport Science, Ingrid's main area of interest is musculoskeletal anatomy and function. However, not a day goes by when she doesn't enjoy scanning general, obstetric and gynaecological patients. 

    When not working away in her little dark ultrasound room, Ingrid enjoys long distance walking and hiking. In 2016 she completed The Camino de Santiago - mostly limping from St Jean Pied de Port in France all the way to Cape Finisterre on the west coast of Spain. She is looking forward to bagging a munro or two whilst exploring beautiful Scotland, the land of her ancestors.