Professor Francis Smith

  • Primary Specialty

    Radiology and Sports Medicine

  • Clinical Interests

    Medical Imaging, MRI, Sports Medicine

  • Qualifications


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Profile and Experience

    World-renowned MRI pioneer Professor Smith has joined the Roc Aberdeen team in July 2016; with his background undoubtedly making an outstanding contribution to the Radiology and Sports Medicine department.

    Professor Smith obtained his medical training at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland graduating in 1970. He pioneered the clinical application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), starting the world’s first clinical trial of MRI in 1980 and the world’s first diagnostic MRI service at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in 1981.

    In addition to being a Consultant Radiologist specializing in Musculoskeletal Radiology, with a MRI practice in London, he is also a qualified Sports Medicine Physician. He is currently, and has been since 1996, an examiner for the Diploma in Sport & Exercise Medicine of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine. Between 1995 & 2015 he was one of two Club doctors at Dundee United Football Club.
    He has a Sports Medicine practice catering to all sportsmen and women. In this practice he combines his knowledge of sport and sports medicine with both diagnostic ultrasound and MRI.

    In addition to his clinical practice, Professor Smith has over 250 publications in peer reviewed Journals, 32 book chapters and co-authored 4 textbooks, ensuring that his standards of excellence are a paradigm to follow across the medical industry.