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Allergy Consultations and Allergy Testing for Adults

Comprehensive Testing & Clear Answers at ROC

ROC offers a fast and accurate allergy testing service for adults along with support and advice through consultations carried by highly experienced doctors. Diagnosis is provided by testing through skin prick testing, blood testing and patch testing. We cover and test for a high number of possible triggers such as foods, pets, insects, drugs, metals, chemicals and more.

  • Skin Prick Testing to over 100 allergens
  • Blood tests to over 500 allergens available
  • Patch testing for contact eczema- metals, deodorants and many more
  • Quick results and continued support
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Our Doctor

Dr Cristina Romete

Dr Cristina Romete

Dr Romete is the founder of ROC Private Clinic and the managing director of ROC Private Clinic and ROC Heath services. She is the Managing Director for ROC Private Clinic and ROC Health Services, a sister company providing Occupational Health Services in UK.

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