Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Ultrasound

What preparation is needed for a DVT ultrasound?

There are no specific preparation requirements for a DVT ultrasound. However, you will need to remove your shirt or trousers for the exam (depending if we’re scanning your arm or leg) so wear something you can manage easily.

What do you look at in a DVT ultrasound?

A DVT, or ‘deep vein thrombosis’, is a blood clot in a vein in your arm or leg. The ultrasound will assess the veins that drain blood from the affected limb and see if there are any blockages.

What will happen during the exam?

You will have to remove any clothing that is covering the arm or leg in question. The sonographer will put gel on the area being scanned and assess your veins. This will involve pushing on them or squeezing the limb. We understand this can be very painful at times but it is an important part of test.

What happens after the exam?

The sonographer will tell you any significant findings from the exam. If you have a blood clot, she will phone your referring doctor and you potentially will have to go straight back to the doctor or to the hospital to start treatment. The sonographer will write a report and guide you in a way that reflects your results.

How long does a DVT ultrasound take?

The DVT scan will take approximately 20 minutes.