Scrotal and Testicular Ultrasound

What preparation is needed for a scrotal and testicular ultrasound?

There are no specific preparation requirements for a scrotal and testicular ultrasound.

What do you look at in a scrotal and testicular ultrasound?

We look at each testis and epididymis and any pathology in the area. The sonographer may extend the exam and scan other areas, like your groin or kidneys, if clinically indicated.

What will happen during the exam?

You will be given privacy in the ultrasound room while preparing for this examination. You will need to remove any clothing from the waist down, lie on the ultrasound bed and cover yourself with the sheet provided. The sonographer will then return to the room. She will use warm gel when scanning the scrotum. If you have a particular lump, she will ask you to find it in order for her to be sure she is scanning your area of concern.

What happens after the exam?

You will be given time and privacy to get comfortable and dressed. The sonographer will tell you any significant findings from the exam. She will write a report and that will be emailed to you and your referring doctor within 24 hours.

How long does a scrotal and testicular ultrasound take?

The appointment will take approximately 20 minutes but the actually time being scanned will be less than 10 minutes.