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Our London Private GP Clinic and Specialist Services Clinic are located in a beautiful Edwardian building in Harley Street, the heart of London’s private medical district. Whilst retaining the charm and elegance that one would expect from such a private surgery, the premises have nevertheless been extensively refurbished and modernized.
Regardless of whether you are a familiar face or just a visitor passing through London, ROC Private Clinic will be able to offer you an appointment. We offer a range of consultations, on site investigations, laboratory tests, scans and treatments.
Our London Private GP Clinic’s and Consultant Services’ reputation spreads largely through personal recommendation. Established in 2010, this London Private GP and Specialist Clinic has since inception seen its number of private patients and corporate institutions steadily growing. The clinic is also very proud that, as a recognition of the exceptional medical advice and services, the founder and manager of ROC Private Clinic, Dr. Cristina Romete, has recently been recognized by Spear’s 500 as one of UK’s 2017 Top Doctors.
Our specialist services include cardiology, rheumatology, osteoporosis, minor surgery, allergy. These are provided by experts in their field, and we continuously strive to attract only the best. When referring to other specialists, we may refer to doctors outside our clinic. We will make the best decision for you and your condition.
High-level patient care is not the only thing that makes us different from other GP and Specialist clinics in London; we strive to provide patients with proper education, resources and health advice that will help them make the best decisions for their wellbeing. From detecting diseases at early stages to minimising risks of potential conditions, our doctor in Harley Street will assist with your needs.
So, if you are looking for a London Private GP or an Expert Consultant Specialist then ROC Private Clinic is the clinic for you. Whatever the need, our objective is to always provide exemplary physical and emotional care for all of our patients and our approach embraces the best of both conventional and complementary medicine.

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