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Psychiatry & Mental Health Services

Psychiatry & Mental Health Consultations by Highly Experienced Specialists

ROC offers psychiatric consultations with our in-house psychiatrist and mental health experts. Our doctors will assess and manage a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, addictions, personality disorders, sleep disorders and dementia.

The clinic is headed by Dr Olga Runcie and Dr John Todd who are both highly experienced clinicians available for thorough consultations and ready to provide the best possible patient care.
Whilst you will require a referral to see a Consultant Psychiatrist you may access psychological therapies with or without a referral.

  • Highly Reputable and Experienced Specialists
  • Rapid Access to Appointments
  • Wide variety of conditions
  • Comprehensive consultations and care
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Our Doctors

Dr Olga Runcie

Dr Olga Runcie

Dr. Runcie is a bona fide Mental Health expert adding to ROC Clinic Aberdeen a breadth of experience in the field of Mental Health. Prior to joining ROC Clinic Aberdeen, Dr. Runcie led multi-disciplinary mental health teams in the NHS Grampian and Tayside. Where, notwithstanding her comprehensive outpatient work, she also delivered extensive training to junior doctors as well as undergraduate and post-graduate teaching.

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