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SexualHealthServices2You may decide to have a sexual health check because you are concerned about a possible infection or just for reassurance. Or perhaps you wish to discuss with a doctor your risk of contracting HIV and PrEP (Pre exposure Prophylaxis for HIV).

Regardless of the reason, our Sexual Health Clinics in London and Aberdeen are ideally placed for a discreet, comfortable, private consultation.

Our doctors pride themselves on an experienced, entirely non-judgemental, professional but friendly attitude to any healthcare issue. Our service provides fast and highly accurate interpretation of results. In addition to the sexual health checks for men and women alike, we provide PrEP HIV consultations.

The method of processing such sexual health checks may differ according to the time of presentation following possible exposure to a sexual transmitted infection. According to your circumstances, different samples may be required such as urine, swabs, blood tests or all of those.

When attending one of our Sexual Health Clinics, you should remember that a sexual health screen usually involves testing for more than one infection.

Depending on the tests requested and method used, results may be available the same day or up to five days following sample collection. You are free to decide how those results are communicated to you!

The following are amongst the checks carried out at our Sexual Health Clinic:

In addition to the above a cervical smear and Human Papilloma Virus testing may be carried out at the time of the examination. Cervical cancer vaccination is also available. We also offer HPV vaccination to men.

We will discuss with you vaccination against Hepatitis B and will provide you with treatment if you test positive to an infection. If a referral is required we will arrange this for you.

If you would like to know more about PrEP HIV therapy and counselling at our Sexual Health Clinic do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For further information on prices please refer to our Fees Section.

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Meet our experts

Dr Claudia Carmaciu

  • Qualifications: BSc., MBBS., MRCGP.
  • Location(s): London - ROC Harley Street Clinic
  • Clinical Interest(s): Children’s Health, Women’s Health, Antenatal and Postnatal Care, Mental Health, Health Promotion, General Health
  • BIO:

    Dr Claudia (Carmaciu) Pastides is a family doctor with a passion for health promotion, continuous education and use of social media to promote awareness, encourage patient engagement and increase the spread of good quality health messages. Dr Claudia graduated from University College of London Medical School in 2009.

Nicola Harrison

  • Qualifications: BSc. | MBBS. | MRCGP. | DRCOG. | DFFP.
  • Location(s): London, Harley Street
  • Clinical Interest(s): Contraception and Sexual Health | Gynaecology | Dermatology | Child Health | Allergy | Weight Loss | Preventative Health Care.
  • BIO:

    Dr Nicola Harrison has been the Head of Clinical Governance of ROC London Clinic until 2017 when she was appointed as ROC London Clinic’s Medical Director. She is also the registered manager with the Care Quality Commission for the London Clinic. She graduated from Guy's and St Thomas's Medical School, London in 2003. She also became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2007. She holds the Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning and the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology. Dr Nicola Harrison runs our preventative health programmes and childhood immunisation programmes. She consults children and adults for allergy related disorders and she is the clinical lead at ROC for Allergy Assessments and testing.

Jane Jonhston

  • Qualifications: MBChB | MRCGP
  • Location(s): Aberdeen
  • Clinical Interest(s): Hormonal Health | Menopause | Breast Disease | Preventative Health Care.
  • BIO:

    Dr. Johnston is a renowned Women’s Health expert that joined the ROC Clinic Team in September 2016. She undertook post-graduate training from Queen Margaret’s University College. Since then, her extensive career has seen her contribute to the Women’s Health field, with specialisms in Breast Cancer and Menopause over a combined 30 years. As Associate Specialist in Women’s Health for the Aberdeen Breast Screening Unit, Dr. Johnston achieved above national average accuracy targets for breast biopsies.

Alison Caroll

  • Qualifications: MBChB | Certificate in Occupational Medicine
  • Location(s): Aberdeen
  • Clinical Interest(s): General Medicine | Occupational Health | Travel Health | Remote and Offshore Health | Psychiatry | Neurology | Respiratory Medicine | Gastroenterology.
  • BIO:

    Dr Alison Carroll brings a wealth of experience to the ROC Private Clinic Team, from psychiatry to emergency medicine and remote healthcare environments. Having initially trained as a General Practitioner, Dr Alison Carroll then pursued a career in Psychiatry. She was able to reflect all these skills and knowledge in her subsequent roles as company doctor for many of the Aberdeen’s businesses. Dr Alison Carroll is dedicated to training medical personnel and is an American Heart Association Approved Trainer.

Dr. Cristina Romete

  • Qualifications: Msc. | MRCGP. | DOccMed. | DRCOG. | DFFP.
  • Location(s): Aberdeen - ROC Private Clinic
  • Clinical Interest(s): Complex Medical Conditions, Cardiovascular Disease, Preventative Medicine, Mental Health, Occupational Medicine, Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture
  • BIO:

    Dr Romete is the founder of ROC Private Clinic and the managing director of ROC Private Clinic and ROC Heath services. She is the Managing Director for ROC Private Clinic and ROC Health Services, a sister company providing Occupational Health Services in UK.

Dr. Mairi Hope

  • Qualifications: BSc., MBChB., PhD., MRCGP.
  • Location(s): Aberdeen - ROC Private Clinic
  • Clinical Interest(s): Preventative Healthcare, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Sexual Health, Ageing Medicine, Andrology, Sexual Dysfunction, Chronic Disease Management
  • BIO:

    Dr Mairi Hope joined ROC Clinic – Aberdeen in October 2017. She practices as a General Practitioner and as such undertakes routine and emergency consultations and preventative health checks for adults and children of all ages.

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