Reassurance and Wellbeing Scan from 14-24 weeks

14. 20 weeks 4 days foetus

A reassurance scan may be all you need to put your mind at ease. Whilst not part of the standard set of scans performed throughout a pregnancy, you can request a Reassurance and Wellbeing Scan at any time if you are concerned.

All possible anatomy relevant for the age of your baby will be checked and documented. This includes structures in the brain, heart, spine, abdomen, pelvis, arms and legs. We check to see the baby is growing and moving properly and you will even be able to listen to its heartbeat. The sonographer will also assess your cervix, uterus, pelvis and the placenta.

If you wish to find out if you’re having a boy or girl, depending on the position of your baby and where its legs are, the gender can be identified quite confidently from 18 weeks.

The sonographer will discuss the ultrasound findings with you and tell you if everything appears normal or if there are any concerning features. You will receive a small printed image of your baby and all of your images as jpg files on a CD. An official report will be emailed to you, and your referring doctor if applicable, later in the day.

This scan will generally take approximately 20 minutes.



Meet our experts

Ingrid Yuile

  • Qualifications: BAppSc (Exercise and Sport Science), GDMU
  • Location(s): Aberdeen - ROC Private Clinic
  • Clinical Interest(s): Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound: General, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Vascular.
  • BIO:

    Ingrid Yuile is an Australian Accredited Medical Sonographer and has moved all the way from her hometown, Sydney, to join our team in Aberdeen. With nearly 10 years of experience across all disciplines, Ingrid's skill as a general sonographer is a fantastic addition to our medical practice.

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