Vascular Disease (Arterial)

The arterial Vascular Clinic is provided by Mr Paul Bachoo, Consultant Vascular Surgeon.

Mr Paul Bachoo offers bespoke consultations for the following conditions:

  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Leg Ulcers
  • Diabetic Foot Disease
  • Stroke and Mini-Stroke Prevention
  • Carotid Artery Disease

Arterial Vascular Disease affecting the Legs

Arteries in the legs may become affected by calcium and cholesterol deposits and cause symptoms such as pain and ulcers.

It is highly likely in such situations, that arteries elsewhere in the body (such as the coronary arteries of the heart, the carotid/neck arteries) are also affected. As a consequence, the management of arterial vascular disease must aim to improve or reduce deposits at all sites, not just the legs.

However, on some occasions surgery is recommended for the leg arteries, to improve blood flow and reduce pain.

Although in a large proportion problem with the leg arteries is part of a generalised problem as described above, occasionally patients may present with an isolated problem, such as a tightness of an artery, or so-called a stenosis.

High cholesterol, smoking, family history are risk factors for arterial disease, but also diabetes. Diabetic patients may develop complex circulation problems with their foot that stem not just from vascular disease but nerve involvement too.

Mr Paul Bachoo is highly experienced in managing all aspects of the arterial disease.

Strokes and Mini-Strokes

Symptoms of stroke are scary to anyone who may have experienced them. Symptoms may consist of:

  • Weakness of the face or an arm or a leg
  • Speech difficulty
  • Not understanding what someone else says to you
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Double vision or loss of vision
  • Loss of balance or difficulty in walking
  • Falling

Strokes may be caused by either a clot or a bleed. Bleeding often occurs at the site of a malformation in the arterial system of the brain, abnormality that most often a patient was unaware of.

Clots may originate from different parts of the body, but most commonly are caused by:

  • Deposits in the brain arteries
  • Deposits in the neck arteries, the carotids
  • A previously unknown heart abnormality that allows blood to clot and travel to the brain

A mini-stroke is when a patient experiences symptoms of a stroke, but these resolve within a short time frame, less than 24 hours. Although patients feel intense relief at quick symptoms resolution, action should be taken at the earliest to prevent a full-blown stroke or a heart attack occur. There is a much higher chance of developing a full-blown stroke or a heart attack within the first 3 months after a mini-stroke.

At ROC Clinic, Mr Paul Bachoo together with our GPs provides a thorough cardiovascular assessment, inclusive of arterial scans, vascular age calculation and heart assessments in order to prevent the devastating effects that a stroke may have.

If you are concerned that you may be at risk of a stroke to get in touch.

Please note, ROC Clinic does not provide emergency assessment and treatment of a stroke. If you experience any of the symptoms above, please dial 999 as time is of essence in getting the right treatment within the right time frame.

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Meet our experts

Mr. Paul Bachoo

  • Qualifications: MBChB., MSc., FRCS.
  • Location(s): Aberdeen - ROC Private Clinic
  • Clinical Interest(s): Endovascular Surgery, Varicose Veins Minimal Invasive Treatments, Venous Surgery, Aneurysms, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Transient Ischaemic Attacks
  • BIO:

    Mr Paul Bachoo joined the ROC Clinic team in Aberdeen in September 2017.
    Mr Bachoo has been a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary since 2001. He graduated from Leicester Medical University and subsequently trained in Merseyside and the Grampian. He is currently the Clinical Director for Major Trauma and the Deputy Associate Medical Director at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI). In addition he helds the position of Clinical Lead National Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening programme for North East Scotland, Shetland and Orkney Islands.

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