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Varicose Veins Treatment

Safe and Modern Varicose Veins Treatments by a Consultant Vascular Surgeon

ROC offers a specialist varicose veins assessment and minimally invasive treatments. The service is provided by Mr Paul Bachoo, Consultant Vascular Surgeon with extensive experience in minimally invasive techniques for treatment of varicose veins. He is currently the only Vascular Surgeon in Aberdeenshire to have experience with a new minimally invasive, non-thermal technology for varicose veins.
Our minimally invasive treatments include the CLARIVEIN Treatment and VARICLOSE Treatment which require only one injection, are quick and simple, produce minimal bruising and lasting results.

  • Highly Reputable and Experienced Specialist
  • Rapid Access to Appointments
  • Follow up included
  • Minimally invasive and lasting results
You can find out more about this service here and for our detailed brochure on Varicose Veins treatments here.

Our Doctors

Dr Cristina Romete

Mr Paul Bachoo

Mr Paul Bachoo is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and he delivers the Varicose Veins Service at ROC. Over the years, he has shaped the delivery of vascular services in the North-East Scotland and has been an avid researcher in his determination to do good and do better for his patients.
He is the only surgeon in NE Scotland trained in the treatments we offer at ROC.

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