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Well Woman Checks

Our packages are split into Basic, Essential and Executive levels to suit all needs and budgets! An in-depth Heart Age Assessment included in our top two levels!

All ROC health checks have been designed to target specific areas and illnesses.

The most important part about any medical check is the history. Speaking at length with a doctor, will provide the doctor with clues as to which area of the body is suffering or is at risk of illness. A good doctor is essential for interpreting the information correctly and making good decisions on your future health.

Some investigations may provide an indication only that something is outside normal parameters and we may recommend further assessment.

There is no such thing as a test or scan that fits everyone and all parts of the body!

  • Annual Gynaecological Exam
  • Breast Examination
  • Hormonal Evaluation
  • Unique Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Detailed Blood Work Evaluation
Excuses Never save your life. A Health Check Does. Read more about your options here.

Our Doctors

Dr Cristina Romete

Dr Cristina Romete

Dr Cristina Romete

Dr Romete is the founder of ROC Private Clinic and she was recently voted as one of 2017 and 2018 UK Top Doctors to see by Spears 500.

Dr Mairi Hope

Dr Mairi Hope appreciates a holistic approach to patient care and her interests lie in preventative healthcare and management of the ageing individual.

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